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About Kulti

Kulti a small municipality town in Bardhaman District of West Bengal state is located barely few kilometers away from all important Asansol city, which today is fastest growing city of West Bengal state. However, Kulti town is not yet developed enough to take advantage of its proximity with such economically fast growing city. That said, this town still boosts a pretty decent infrastructure in quite critical utility services. Besides, this town has a pretty interesting history to tell. We’ve comprehensively covered these aspects as well as all other aspects of this town in below paragraphs.

About Kulti
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History of Kulti

The history of Kulti is associated with the establishment of Indian Iron & Steel Company. This leading company was set up naer Kulti town. Construction of this groundbreaking plant was constructed way back in year 1870. Since then this plant become an important landmark not just in Kulti town, but also in entire Bengal region. After all, in those days it was one of its kind factories in entire India. However, owing to stagnating profit the IISCO was merged with Steel Authority of India Limited in 1979. There is no denying though that IISCO Company has done world of good for Kulti as well as for entire Bardhaman region. After all, it was the first company that made this region realize about huge reservoirs of minerals it has. Today these very minerals have become foundation of Bardhaman’s burgeoning economy. And lastly, we also ought to mention the fact that this company helped in shaping identity of Kulti region. So much so that today kulti town has become synonymous with IISCO Company.

Administration in Kulti

Day to day civic administration is handled by Kulti Muncipality, which is one of the three municipalities in entire Burdwan subdivision. It has total 30 wards. Elections for these 30 wards are held once in every 5 years. Talking about responsibilities, then all the important civic responsibilities like supply of drinking water, sewerage maintenance, looking after healthcare are some of the important responsibilities entrusted on this civic body. Actually Kulti’s civic responsibilities are just as similar as all other civic bodies operating in rest of India.

Kulti Municipality
Address: P.O. Kulti, Dist. Burdwan, Pin-713343
Phone no: 0341-2510642/ 2511345
Fax no: 0341-2511345

Economy of Kulti

As compared to other prominent towns of Bardhaman District, Kulti’s economy is comparatively more dependent on agriculture for revenue and employment generation. This is obviously because Kulti town does not have as many industries as neighboring cities like Rajbandh, Durgapur and Asansol cities have. Nonetheless, Kulti is still indirectly dependent on industrial sector. That’s because significant percentage of its citizens are employed in innumerable steel and iron ore factories operating in all above neighboring cities mentioned above. Besides industrial and agricultural sector, service sector also plays marginal yet very important role in driving local economy forward.

Healthcare Services in Kulti

Profile of KultiKulti does not boost a very impressive infrastructure on the front healthcare services. There are just handfuls of hospitals here. Besides, all these existing handfuls of hospitals don’t really boost modern healthcare facilities. Owing to this precarious situation Kulti patients flock to neighboring cities like Asansol and Durgapur. These cities don’t have any dearth of well equipped hospitals. The situation on the front of hospitals surely isn’t pleasant at all, but situation on the front of doctors and chemist shops can be termed as pretty acceptable. There are more than decent numbers of doctors and chemist shops in the town. There availability invariably ensures that Kulti’s locals don’t have to flock to other cities to buy life saving drugs or to reach out to a doctor.

Chemist Shops in Kulti

Pintu Medical Stores
Address: Ranitala, Kulti, Bardhaman, G T Road, Kulti, Bardhaman - 713343
Phone no: +(91)-9832131936

Jupiter Medical
Address: Beguniya More, Barakar, G T Road, Kulti, Bardhaman - - 713343
Phone no: +(91)-341-2523347

Guru Medical Stores
Address: Disergarh Road, Barakar, G T Road, Kulti, Bardhaman - 713343
Phone no: +(91)-341-2521336

Sandhya Medical Stores
Address: : Beguniya More, Barakar, G T Road, Kulti, Bardhaman – 713343
Phone no: +(91)-341-2520495

S. M. Medical Stores
Address: Beguniya More, Barakar, Dishergarh Road, Kulti, Bardhaman - 713343
Phone no: +(91)-341-2520362

Transportation in Kulti

Kulti boosts pretty reliable infrastructure on the front of public transportation. There more than decent numbers of auto rickshaws swirling across the town. Easily connecting and transporting locals and tourists to all the important landmark areas of the city. Then there is ever Kulti Railway Station. Although not a junction, but is directly connected to many important cities of West Bengal state and also quite a few important cities located outside West Bengal state. To name a few of these important cities, they are as follows: Asansol, Durgapur, Howarh, Dhanbad, Patna, Jabalpur, Jammu and quite a few other important cities.

Safety and Security in Kulti

A local police station does operate in the heart of the Kulti town to ensure safety and security of all its ordinary citizens. However, owing to stable law and order that has been existing in this region since time immemorial, the local police station hardly has to do much to look after law and order situation. That said, Kulti’s police station still prefers to remain constantly vigil to keep check on all anti social and criminal elements.

Kulti Police Station: 0341-2515555
Mobile No. of O/C : 9830946962

Telecom Services in Kulti

Over last one decade Kulti town has made a very impressive stride on the front of mobile and internet services, just like most other cities and towns have made. Today you can easily access mobile services from any part of the Kulti town. Thanks to this fact today any city or town – no matter how far it is – is just a call away from for people of Kulti. Coming to accessibility of internet services, then Kulti happens to be one of the rare towns in Bardhaman District where full fledge 3G and 2G services are available. Besides, Broadband services are also available in quite parts of the town. However, overall penetration of internet continues to remain immensely low.

Banking Services in Kulti

Banks  in Kulti

Today Kulti town does have quite a few reputed banks. Although they may be just few in numbers, but they have still become bedrock of its local economy. They are not only generating much needed employment, but are also playing critical role in inculcating banking habit and culture among local people here. Besides these handfuls of commercial banks, there are also quite a few local cooperative banks and regional rural banks in the town. And not to mention that there are more than decent numbers of small money lenders operating in the town.

Axis Bank
Address: Ground Floor, Plot No. 258, Khatian No 1569, Mouza Kuldihi, Ward No 24, Gt Road, Po Ps Kulti, Ranitala More, Burdwan, Kulti 713343
Phone no: 0341 2516002
IFSC Code: UTIB0002618

Address: Kulti Ho, District: Bardhaman, State: West Bengal
IFSC Code: ICIC0002492
Branch Code: 002492
Phone no: Not available

Address: Ranitala, Gt Road, Dist Burdwan, State: West Bengal
IFSC code: UCBA0000408
Phone no: 0341-2515353

Kulti at a glance

Country : India
State : West Bengal
District : Bardhaman
Population (2001)
• Total : 290,057
Languages : Bengali, English
Population: 313,977
Pin code: 713343
STD Code: 0341
Languages Official: Bengali, English
Time Zone: IST (UTC+5:30)